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Tribal Home Based
Kidney Care Project

Kidney Project

Santo Domingo Health Center

Welcome to the Tribal Home Based Kidney Care Project Page. We hope you will find the information on this topic to be of benefit to you or your family member.

Description & Purpose:

The Santo Domingo Health Center is participating in the Tribal Home Based Kidney Care Project in partnership with the Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center & the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. The goal is to find ways to prevent or slow down kidney disease. This study is for adult community members (age 21-80) living with type II diabetes and/or chronic kidney disease, or those at high risk for either of these health conditions.

Would the study be a good fit for me?

The first step if you are interested in participating, is to complete a screening with a member of our community team. The screening will include answering a few questions and taking a few tests to measure your Hemoglobin A1c, blood pressure, height, weight and Urine-Albumin Creatinine Ratio. We can schedule this at a time that is convenient for you. All information shared is completely confidential. Individuals who complete a screening will receive a gift card to honor their time.

What would happen if I took part in the study?

Your screening results will determine if you are eligible to take part in the full study. If you decide to continue, participation includes brief visits from a trained community health worker to your home two times each month for 12 months and group sessions every 3 months. During these sesions you will receive valuable information about how to help manage diabetes and chronic kidney disease and tips to prevent kidney disease or slow its progression through nutrition, physical activity, medication, stress reduction, etc. All activities will take place in our community.

Contact Information:

To learn more about the Tribal Home Based Kidney Care Project or to participate, please contact: Devonna Spenceer, Community Health Educator at Santo Domingo Health Center, 465-3060 ext. 1034.

Hours: 8:00 - 5:00 M-F
505-465-3060 ext. 1034