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The mission of the Pharmacy Department is to provide safe, effective medications that support the highest quality of care for our patients.

Prescription Refills

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Attention Patients,

During the week of October 21, 2018 thru October 27, 2018 we would like to recognize the KPHC Pharmacy Staff during National Pharmacy Week!!!! The role of a pharmacy in providing services to an Ambulatory Health Center is not new to most Indian Health Service facilities. As a Tribal site we continue to follow this role and expand upon our role in providing optimal pharmaceutical care to our patients. Since our Tribal transition back in January 2012 we have made many positive changes to our practice from approving 90-day fills to offering additional Formulary medications that most sites do not stock due to budget cost constraints. It is our mission to provide safe, effective medications that support the highest quality of care for our patients. We in the pharmacy would like to thank our patients and KPHC employees for making the work we do rewarding every day!!!!

Thank you.
KPHC Pharmacy


Behind the Pharmacy Window

Santo Domingo Health Center Pharmacy is not like your typical retail pharmacy. Here's why:

  • We check every new prescription with your lab results and other medications to make sure you're getting the right dose the first time.

  • We can also dispense medical supplies for certain conditions such as diabetes meters and testing strips, nebulizers, syringes, sharps containers, pillboxes etc., making our pharmacy truly a "one-stop shop."

blood sugar test

  • Our pharmacists take the time to educate you about your medicines: how and when to take them, how to manage side effects, what they're for.

  • We stock one of the largest varieties of medicines of any tribal health center, and we keep up with new drugs on the market.

Meet the Pharmacy Team

  • Jonathan Trujillo
    Dr. Jonathan Trujillo, PharmD
    Chief Pharmacist
    Dr. Linda Gutierrez, PharmD
    Staff Pharmacist
  • Samantha Torres
    Dr. Samantha Torres, PharmD
    Staff Pharmacist

  • Rosa Crawford
    Dr. Rosa Edmunds, PharmD
    Staff Pharmacist
  • Melissa Star
    Melissa Star, CPhT
    Pharmacy Technician
  • David Pino
    David Pino, CPhT
    Pharmacy Technician

  • Vernasepe John
    Patricia Amos, CPhT
    Pharmacy Technician
    • Vernasepe John
      Vernasepe John
      Pharmacy Receptionist