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Transportation Services

The transportation department picks up patients who have requested pick up from Santo Domingo Pueblo and surrounding areas, including Sile, Pena Blanca, the new Santo Domingo housing and Santo Domingo school area.

The transport service is open to all residents of the Pueblo. At this time we do not provide service to our neighboring Pueblos or service to Albuquerque or Santa Fe.


Please call our direct line at 505-465-5510 to schedule transport services. 

If you do not get an answer, please leave a message with your name, and a contact number where we can call you back. We will also call you with a courtesy call to confirm your request. Once you have received a confirmation call from the transportation staff, it is not necessary to call the front registration staff to request a pick up.

If you are unable to keep your transportation request or if your appointment has been cancelled, please contact the transporation office directly within 24 hours of your appointment and 2 hours ahead of your same day appointment. We have scheduled requests throughout the day for pick up. Patients who call late with a request will be accommodated as soon as possible. Patients with scheduled requests will be picked up first.

White Van

Motor vehicle operators (left to right) Francis Aguilar, David Martinez,
Josie Bird, Stevan Lovato, Transportation supervisor Vernon Naranjo

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